6 Vegetables You Should Avoid In Paleo Diet

Unhealthy VegetablesAlthough Paleo Diet contains list of foods that you must include in your diet and foods that you must avoid. It seems very simple but in practical world we have to avoid some vegetables that are mentioned in Paleo Diet.

Basically Paleo Diet is base on foods that are used by our forefather to remain fit and healthy but unfortunately now these days, framers are using modern framing techniques to make vegetables grow quicker. These framers are hungry for profits and don’t care what they are supplying in the market. For this reason you have to avoid vegetables that are grown with modern techniques. These vegetables are harmful for your health and they provide no nutrition benefits to our body.

The main objective of writing this post is to show you list of vegetables that you should avoid from your Paleo recipes. I am sure some of these vegetables may surprise you because you consider them healthy in past.

List of Vegetables You Must Avoid

Vegetable #1 – Conventional Spinach:

Conventional Spinach that is easily available in any grocery store is unnatural and contains more than 48 pesticides that increase the risk of health diseases such as cancer. This conventional spinach creates hormone imbalance making difficult for body to burn fat and work properly. Additionally, conventional spinach creates Kidney problems and it is important for people with Kidney problems to avoid Conventional Spinach.

However, raw spinach is healthy for your health because they are natural and contain Vitamins A and K. Natural raw spinach has anti-cancer properties and they are free from pesticides.

Vegetable #2 – Summer Squash:

summer squashSimilar to Spinach, summer squash is also healthy for health but due to modern farming practices it is necessary to avoid them. According to USDC, summer squash contains 41 pesticides that create different health problems.

Although summer squash contains lots of minerals, nutrients and vitamins but oxalates and purines also found in summer squash which leads to gout and kidney stones. If you like summer squash then you must consider it in limited amount and if possible then completely avoid using it.

Vegetables #3 – Celery:

Farmers are using modern cultivation practices to grow celery quickly. Additionally, most people think Celery is very less in nutrition and it is only use as vessels for dips and nothing much. But you may surprise to know that recent research proved that Celery contains powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant properties.

However, recently USDC discovered Celery contains whopping 68 pesticides and most of these pesticides create hormone imbalance in the body which leads to weight gain. If you like Celery for your PaleoHacks Cookbook recipes then you should select natural and organic Celery only.

Vegetable #4 – Cherry Tomatoes:

Many people like Cheery Tomatoes. They are very juicy and delicious and they contain Lycopene that is known to protect against osteoporosis and prostate cancer.

Unfortunately in the recent research USDC discover 38 pesticides in them that create hormones problems and leads to weight gain. Additionally, cheery tomatoes are known to create inflammation in the body especially in the joints. It is important for people with joint problem to limit its consumption.

Vegetable #5 – Corn:

cornProbably the most crucial food you should avoid including in your diet is Corn. Basically the main reason behind overweight is corn. This is because corn is used in so many food products that it is difficult for us to avoid them completely from our diet. Corns are used to make soups delicious, it is corn that is grilled for BBQ, it is corns that we eat while watching movies, corn are used in salad dressings, and they end up in breakfast cereals as well.

But if we look at the healthy benefits of corn then there are not many. For those who don’t know Corn is the most common food that creates allergies in our body. It is corn that is fed to cow to make them fatter and increase calories in their meat. Think if corn is making cow fat and increasing calories in their meat then what it is doing in our stomach.

Additionally, corns are subjected to serious genetic modification (GMOs). The problem with GMOs foods is whenever any genes added into these foods this will introduce new proteins in our body that we didn’t recognize. This leads to hormone changes in our body and creates problems in our digestive system.

If it is must to add corns in your Paleo recipes then you must get organic corns only.

Vegetable #6 – Bell Peppers:

There are many people all over the world who are suffering from inflammation because of Bell Pepper which leads to serious health problems such as diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. However, different researches proved that these diseases occurred because of processed, refined, stress and genetics but bell pepper definitely contribute in these diseases.

Another reason you should avoid peppers from your diet is because of Alkaloid and Solanine. These are two glycoalkaloid poisons that lead to trembling, twitching and convulsing.

One more reason to avoid Bell Peppers is they increase risk to joint problems. This is the reason Bell Peppers is not recommended to people with arthritis and other joints problems.

Do any of these vegetables surprise you?

We often think finding organic vegetables is difficult task but in reality it is not that difficult. You only have to spend your time for once in finding right store to purchase your organic vegetables and after that you can visit there every month to purchase vegetables easily without any trouble.

I am big fan of organic foods and I haven’t eaten any nonorganic vegetables in last 5 years. I am energetic and I only provide organic vegetables to my mom who still is very young and energetic at age 60 and our family doctor is surprised with our energy level.

If you also want to enjoy healthy benefits of paleo diet then avoiding these unhealthy vegetables is necessary.

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